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Twin Falls photograph by: kikianimedrawer

Twin Falls photograph by: kikianimedrawer

Fall fairy drawing by: Jackie R., Age 9, Los Angeles, California

Fall fairy drawing by: Jackie R., Age 9, Los Angeles, California

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was struck by a powerful magnitude 7.8 earthquake. The results were devastating. The earthquake killed more than 9,000 people, injured more than 23,000 and left many people without homes.

The following articles were written by the kids of Nepal [edited for grammar by KidzEra], recounting their experience during the earthquake:

essay by Susmo Basnet, 12th grade

Generally, I had thought that an earthquake was just the shaking of the earth, but this earthquake made me feel something really amazing. I hadn’t felt this type of shaking ever in my life. This is one of my unforgettable moments.

At the time of the earthquake, I was inside my room on the ground floor. Since my exam was coming up, my mind was totally focused on my studies. I was studying at the time. I had just finished physics numerical. I wanted to drink water from a nearby bottle. When I lifted the bottle, I felt shaking and thought it was a simple earthquake.

Slowly I got shaken so much that I wanted to leave my room, but I could not. At that time, I was alone in the room which made me more frightened. I wished that I could get out of the room at that time to be with my family. After a few seconds of shaking, it stopped. My mind was totally damaged when I saw the fallen things in my room.

I was in shock and ran outside of the house. When I saw my family waiting for me, I was so pleased to see them that tears of happiness came out. The whole day small earthquakes came that made me feel dizzy. I got hungry at the same time.

I have never felt that type of togetherness, care, and love among the people. Every Nepali person helped each other by their heart. So I felt that we had unity, even in the hard situation.

essay by Manish Bamjan, 8th grade

I was at home reading books. Suddenly, the windows shook and produced noise. I was afraid. I ran towards my mother. We were afraid. The doors were making a lot of noise. The house was shaking.

Fifty seconds later, the earthquake came. When the earthquake stopped, we came out of the house to open places. The walls were falling. A lot of people were coming out of their homes. It was too cold.

I was listening to the radio: a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake had come. Many people were dead. We were so sad for their parents. Our Dharahara had fallen down. [Editor’s note: the Dharahara, also called the Bhimsen Tower, was a nine-story tower in the center of Sundhara in Kathmandu. It was built in 1832.] Many people were crying for their lost friends and family members.

It was a bad day.

My close brother, Dipu, was dead because of falling walls. We were feeling so sad for him and his parents.

We were sitting in a tent for many days [after the earthquake]. Small earthquakes hit all those days. My heart was running fast. Many small and bigger earthquakes created a lot of natural disasters like landslides, floods, etc.

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can come any second. I was shocked by the earthquake. Also, now I am afraid of earthquakes, which kill a lot of people and destroy houses. We are sitting in our home now, but many people are sitting in tents. Children don’t go to school because of the earthquake. The earthquake broke the dreams of all people of Nepal.

poem by Manish Bamjan, 8th grade

Earthquake of Nepal

poem by Srijana Khanal, 8th grade

Earthquake, earthquake.
Dear earthquake,
We felt scared when you met us,
We felt sad when you reached us.

You came here at 11:58,
Which made our bodies shake.
When you came here, we felt bad,
You killed many people, we felt sad.

You destroyed culture and heritage
Which made Nepal a naked place.
Move your journey far from here.
We are scared; don’t come here.

Killed our friends, destroyed our families,
Forced to leave our family and nation,
No one to meet, nothing to read,
Nothing to eat. How to live?

poem by Prabesh Singh Sunuwar, 8th grade

The shaking earthquake noise makes my heartbeat fast.
Please, Nature, make this earthquake first and last.

You came like dewdrops, which disappear after a short time.
You destroy all the dreams of people and their rhymes.

You came at 7.9 Richter and took home and life.
You took somebody’s uncle, somebody’s mother, and somebody’s wife.

I heard you would be coming more.
You made me for thirty days so bored.

I was bored because school was closed for so long.
The only thing to do was just to play and listen to the song.

I felt afraid, so I lived in a tent.
The hot sun and noise of people made me faint.

Don’t play with the hearts of people who are poor..
Why did you destroy all the places and their doors.

You come here, but don’t come anywhere like this.
Don’t be crazy and foolish; be full of peace.

Pray for Nepal, everybody of the beautiful world.
Your one prayer can make Nepal a precious gold.

essay by Pritam Khadkathoki, 10th grade

The day was Saturday when I felt a terrible shake. When it prolonged, I came to know that it was an earthquake. I was watching the television and ironing my dress. I was shocked at the sudden vibration of the room and the things around me were shaking. I was on the first floor and I was not very afraid. I turned the light switch off and kept myself behind the bed so that I would be safe. The doors and windows were strongly shaking and the noise was coming as if someone was knocking the door. I headed toward the door and opened it quickly. Other people were running towards the field andI was too. I was a lucky one who got to the ground where I would be safe. There were many aftershocks. I could feel them when I touched the wall around the ground. Lots of news was coming in about the earthquake.

The earthquake was of 7.8 Richter and it clearly destroyed the districts of Dolakha and Sindhupalchok, which was the main point of where the earthquake hit. Many homes were destroyed and thousands of people were killed. I felt so bad when I heard that many of the cultural heritage sites were destroyed. These sites were included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. About [9,000] people were killed and the injured were too many whose sorrow can’t be explained in paper or cleared away by tears. The pain of missing relatives and houses was too bad. Though the people were given sympathy and some help, their loss can’t be replaced , and their pain and the frightening moment can’t be forgotten.

The people were unconscious and some of them were injured. I can’t forget those moments which I spent in the tents and at other grounds for about two weeks. The fear could easily be seen in the eyes and faces of the children, elders, and youths. Everybody was thinking that the Earth might be destroyed, but they also were joyful to be alive and from having survived such a terrible earthquake.

That was not my first experience [with an earthquake]. It may have been my third earthquake, but this one was so much more frightening than the previous ones. Almost every person in Dolakha had lost their houses and relatives. The newspapers and the television showed various pictures which could make the eyes wet of almost every person who saw them. I was not satisfied with the care done by the government for the people who were defeated by the earthquake. But the cooperation among the people was an example for the world during such a disaster.

The earthquake destroyed many homes, lives, property and beautiful sites to enjoy. It hampered the quality of life of the people in Nepal, as well as the education sector. It also affected tourism. The budget of Nepal had focused mainly on reconstruction of destroyed heritage sites and places of government. Hopefully it is the plan of the government and the cooperation of various international and national agencies to reconstruct the new Nepal.

poem by Manik Budhathoki, 7th grade


poem by Sushmita Basnet

Earth was shaken
Nobody could get help
Running and running throughout the day
Time passed, but I got too frightened
House was damaged and made me sad.
Quake, quake, I said
A you have is to save your life.
All must be aware about these days
Kind to all and helpful
Every person should be aware.

poem by Amjila Shrestha, 1st grade

I was a little child
Earthquake made me sad
I do not like it
Because it damage me

poem by Jayaram Dahal, 4th grade

We shall overcome
We shall overcome
Oh! Deep in my heart,
I do believe
That we shall overcome someday.

poem by Sanjay Kandel, 5th grade

I had a dream so big and loud,
I jumped so high and touched the cloud.
We danced with the monster at night.
I can never look back.
I am never going to keep it up.
Please don’t make me make up.

essay by Sarala Kahdel, 1st grade

I was sleeping in the house. At this time, my room, my windows, my door, and everything was shaking suddenly. Then after I got up. Actually, I was very afraid and cried loudly. Everybody said that the earthquake had come. Then after, I was very afraid. Earthquakes are very dangerous.

essay by Samikshya Khanal, 3rd grade

I was playing in the house. The earthquake suddenly came. I ran very fast. It didn’t just shake me, but my mother also. My father was not in the house. So we were feeling very afraid. Then the earthquake stopped. After that, we went to big ground. We sat there for several days and then went back to our house to take some clothes. We again went to the big ground and lived there for four to five days.

essay by Rangita Dainawal, 3rd grade


essay by Sanjit Yadav, 4th grade

I was reading at home when the earthquake came. The buildings were shaking. Then I ran outside. I saw a man jumping from a balcony. He broke his leg. We saw some men running. We saw a taxi and gave a signal for the taxi man to stop the taxi. I helped the man, who is my uncle. Then I went to my house to see what happened. There was no damage at my house. Then in the evening, we went to the ticket counter to get a ticket to go to the village to see my family. All the shops were closed.

essay by Rojina Thapa, 4th grade

I was playing in my house with my sister when suddenly the earthquake came. My mother hugged me and my sister. My father was not in the house, so we were feeling very afraid. Then the earthquake stopped so we went to a very big ground and sat there for a long time.

poem by Yougesh Sunuwar, 4th grade

One day, one day came the earthquake.
We were two flights up in the room;
I saw one man jumping from three flights and his leg broke.
And Dhara also fell and how many are dying?
In Sindupalchok Dolakha Gorkha how many are dying and breaking?
All the houses were falling and many are crying.
And all are out. How many are putting up tents and sitting there?
And I was feeling so sad.
And I am sleeping in the bed and my mom is watching TV and all the water is falling and we are running down the road.

essay by Sumit Shrestha, 4th grade

Ding Dong Bell
Pushing in the well
Who put her out
Little Tommy live
What a naughty boy
We never did anything

essay by Bidya Budhathoki, 4th grade

I was reading in my house with my father. When the earthquake came, suddenly my father hugged me. I felt very afraid and my father said not to be afraid about it. The earthquake came for a long time. When the earthquake stopped, we went to a big ground. We sat there for a long time. When it got dark, we sat in the tent and brought out so many things from inside. We sat for many days in the tent with our neighbor. We were very sad because we couldn’t go to our school. After a long time, we went to our village. There were so many houses that were already destroyed. I felt very sad in my heart because my village was all destroyed. Now Nepal has a big problem because many people have a sickness or a disease. Because of this earthquake, Nepal is destroyed into pieces. :(

poem by Nishan Magar, 7th grade

Mother is my everything
because she gave me birth.
Mother is my nature and
she is my earth.

She gives me the happiness
of the whole world.
She is like a twinkling diamond
and precious gold.

She is my heart,
she is my zen.
She took me out
from this dark den.

My mother loves me very much like
the Nile River, which is very deep.
She becomes happy in my win
and help in my ship.

I can’t pay my mother love
I really can’t.
Her and my relationship is like
soil and sand.

poem by Nishan Magar, 7th grade

“Earthquake”, “Earthquake”,
Why did you come into our life?
By being in Nepal,
for some time all Nepalese
people’s heart beats stopped.
They feeling that they will die today.
You destroyed our cultural heritage
and the Nepalese people’s life and family,
which doesn’t make me happy.
Also, tourists will stop coming
to visit Nepal.
You came in our dream,
We are afraid in our dreams also.
You killed my many friends.
We don’t want to see other people dead.
Three months have passed since you started to come,
So, you finish your journey up to here.
“Earthquake”, “Earthquake”,
Don’t come again,
Bringing darkness into our lives.

poem by Ashmita Shrestha, 8th grade

Suddenly you came into my heart
In the afternoon at 11:58 a.m.
All people are afraid of you
Because you destroyed many things.

You came for a few seconds for two or three days
And again left, and again came
You fooled us so many times
Please tell us exactly when you will come.

So that we will be prepared
And at least try to not be afraid
Now, the only request I have is
Please try and not come again.

Goose by: Jammer

Goose by: Jammer

Tire Swing by: Jammer

Tire Swing by: Jammer

ART: Flower

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Flower painting by: Isabella V., Age 12, San Jose, California

Flower painting by: Isabella V., Age 12, San Jose, California

Hatsune M.

Hatsune M.